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 New Application <3

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PostSubject: New Application <3   Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:13 pm

@ In game name: Denisdu13 (New)

USGN name: denisdu13

USGN ID: 93912

Age: 16

Country/Location: France, in Paris

Reson for joining: It's a Popular Clan and i want to help the members of the forums (or map), and i want a frends on your seveur or Forum. Add me, my usgn it's Denisdu13.

What do you do best: I want to say my happy town with my map maker, i job to him, and i job in Quick Restaurent.
(Ex. mapping, playing, ETC. Please do not answer: "Being a good friend and following the rules" on this question.)

Estimated Gametime/day: I play for my possibility.

What are your Previous clans, why did you leave: I dont have clan.

Have you ever hacked: No, i'm not hacker beaucause have rules.

What will you do if we accept you: i'm good player, test me, i am very active player to connect.

Something else that you want to add: I have been playing cs2d 1 month, and i'm very active, test me, i am pro player. I win Vatz 12-3. (I saying truth.)

Sorry For my Bad English~ :S

All Good and this forums it's a very good and the happy town to.

Congratulation ! cheers Exclamation

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PostSubject: Re: New Application <3   Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:21 pm

Nah sorry but I already told you, you don't have a chance to be member. Face it.


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New Application <3
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